Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Personalized Candles

You can personalize any plain candle you have just by doing what we all love to do.......stamping and using accessories. You will need a plain candle of any size, tissue paper, wax paper and a heat tool.

Start by cutting a piece of tissue paper the same size as the candle. Stamp whatever you like on the tissue paper. You can use different colors of ink, and you can stamp all over it if you wish. I knew I was going to add accessories, so I just stamped a bottom border:

Cut a piece of wax paper the same size as the candle. Wrap the tissue paper around the candle (you may put a glue dot on to hold it). Then wrap the wax paper on top of the tissue paper and pull until taut. Heat small portions of the wax paper at a time. You will see it disappear into the candle. Continue heating until all the wax paper has melted into the candle.

Decorate as you wish. I used some 3D accessories to add some depth to the candle. Most of the time you do not have to glue them - just lie the candle down and place desired accessory on it, then use the heat tool to melt the candle. While still hot, push the accessory into the candle. Be careful, because it does get hot!

On this candle, I used sweet leaf, smoothie and lagoon ink, Intrinsic Background stamp (D1335 - $17.95), Treasure Life stamp set (D1300 - $17.95), Color-ready Garden Wooden shapes that I colored with lagoon ink (Z1718 - $5.95) and the Sparkle Flourishes (Z1708 - $4.95). I tied ribbon around the bottom (not CTMH), but it matched.

You can easily personalize any candle to match any occasion - or any room. It's relatively inexpensive and easy, even though there are several steps involved. I made this one in about 20 minutes!

You can also use scented candles. This one is a a gift for the hostess of our Easter dinner on Sunday.
I can't beieve I'm not cooking but I do have to think of a dessert to bring!

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