Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who's Your Valentine?

This is a cute way of giving a little sweets to anyone of any age. I started to make some for Matthew's 4th grade class, filling the tubes with valentine-colored M&M's - then Kara told me that you can't give out loose candy anymore - you can't even make cupcakes and bring them to school to share with the kids! Boy, times have changed!

I took pictures of the ones I made, and I'll show them to you once I remember how to do it! (told you I've been away for awhile!).

You can purchase this set for $10 with an order of $35.00. It comes with 12 boxes already cut, a valentine stamp set, white, hollyhock, blush and (the new) silver glitter paper, and 12 tubes! Call m, email me or just go to "SHOP".

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've Been Gone Awhile......

I thought I was home free after I had my hip replaced for the second time in June. I was recovering quite well and even represented Close To My Heart at the Spokane County fair in September. When my doctor wanted me to have an MRI to see how far my lumbar stenosis had progressed it showed not only progression, but a spot on my kidney. After a few more tests, I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had half my kidney removed in late November. The good news is that I am cancer-free, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you all your cards and prayers.

 Needless to say, I have not blogged - or done much of anything for a few months, and I'm finding it quite difficult to get those creative juices going again.I have done a few things but the following photo and journaling book was made by my friend Gerriann Armstrong. It's much prettier in person than the photos show.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Avonlea Layout Oct 13 and 25

I found this layout idea on the CTMH Bulletin Board and decided to present it as a class. The layout, although beautiful, does take a bit more time to put together. Most of the small details and objects are cut using CTMH's new cricut catridge Artiste! It's quite impressive up close and personal! This 2-page layout can also be framed for your wall if you think it is too precious to be placed in a scrapbook!

For anyone wishing to take the $15 prepaid class (sorry, have to charge for this one - you get all materials and objects are pre-cut - and paper left over for cards!) in the Spokane are, I will have it on 2 dates in October:
Saturday, Oct 13 at 6 pm and Thursday, October 25 at 10 AM and at 6PM. This class will be at 1128 W. Montgomery Ave in Spokane.

If you like it, please call/email to prepay and register - 530-588-4386 or!


For my customers in Western Washington and Northern California, I am trying to schedule this (or another class/workshop of your choice) during the first 10 days of December. Stay tuned for my schedule!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Stamp of the Month Using New Alcohol based Markers

The above card is made using the September Stamp of the Month "Fall Favorites" and the alcohol based markers. Until September 31, you can purchase this stamp set for $5 with a $50 purchase.

This is a photo sent to me by fellow CTMH consultant Laurie Flannery detailing the begining of a marker-colored flower. She used the "Card Word Puzzle" stamp set in the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog (still available for $13.95)!

 Here is some additional information on the new alcohol markers:

1. They come in all 40 of our color shades
o Each marker comes dual tipped – one end is a brush marker, the other end is a bullet/fine tip
o Markers come in a 2 pack and retail for $5.95. One marker is the true color of the set name and the 2nd marker is a shade darker or lighter than the true color to use for shading and blending.

2. Always store your markers horizontally and shake well before using
3. Alcohol inks are waterproof and can be layered and blended on surfaces other than paper
4. There is bleed-through when using alcohol ink markers.Be sure to use clean scratch paper to protect your surfaces and clean fingers when coloring. Also, plan on layering your colored images on your project if working on paper.
5. To prevent a ‘streaky’ looking image, evenly soak the paper.You have successfully and evenly colored your image if you turn over your paper and it is not blotchy looking
6. Blending Pen with Alcohol markers: The blending pen picks up and moves colors, it is more like an eraser than a ‘blending’ pen. You can use it to create highlights, ‘fade to white’ and fix minor mistakes.The blending pen also ‘pushes’color away from it.
7. It is highly recommended that you use our new Pigment Ink pads and heat set your image prior to coloring.

Here are a few usage tips:
Marker Blending on Paper – your basic ‘go to’ technique

1.Color evenly with your lightest color, smoothly soaking the paper and coloring in circles to avoid streaks.
2.While base color is still wet, add darker color to one side, lift up at the end of the stroke, leaving more ink in the area you want shaded
3.Go back over the darker color with your original shade to blend the two and create a smoother look
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you achieve the shading look that you wanted

Feather Blending –this technique works best with long narrow images such as petals.

Please use the paper stamped with rectangles for this portion of the demonstration

1.Layer first color in one direction, press more firmly at the beginning of your stroke and lift as you go – fill in approx. ¾ of your image with this technique.The ink may only soak through where you have pressed the marker at the darkest part of the image.
2.Starting on the other side, use the same technique with the opposite color you have chosen.
3.Repeat layers until you have smoothly transitioned and blended your colors in the middle of the stamped image.
oTips for this technique:
§Use the side of the brush not the tip
§Lots of light layers work best for this technique
§OVERLAP your colors – don’t stop where the colors meet

Fixing Minor mistakes with a Blending Pen

1. The blending pen ‘pushes’ ink away from it – if your ink bleeds outside of the stamped image, you can color with the blending pen to ‘push’ the ink back inside the line.
oThis works BEST with lighter colors and for small imperfections.

Thank you CTMH consultant Karen Pedersen for the personal tips and techniqu


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

The new Fall/Winter catalog has a couple very nice Halloween layout and card workshops available, as well as a Halloween 3-D party accessorizing project. Watch for my schedule of scrapbook layouts and card workshops just in time for Halloween.

You can also call me and schedule your very own workshop or class @530-588-4386. I have just finished working the Close To My Heart Booth at the Spokane County Fair and have quite a few bookings, so now is the time to schedule yours, or plan to attend one that is listed once I firm up the schedule!

A big thank you to all of you who visited our booth at the Fair - I enjoyed meeting all of you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Spokane County Fair starts today!

All the CTMH consultants - including your truly, have worked very hard to make our display booth at the fair fun and creative. Stop by and do a Make and Take, or just say hello. Everyone who enters will win something, and there will be a grand prize giveaway!

Here are some pictures of the booth:

If you are not yet a "follower" on my blog just join, and you will receive a little something from me - be sure to give me your mailing address! I appreciate all of you!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Avonlea Display Board for the Fair

I didn't originally sign up to work at the Spokane County Fair, but now I'm going to work 5 shifts! I did the swap with the new Avonlea - one 2-page layout, three 5 1/2  4 3/4 cards, one 3 x 3 card and a 3-D item using the new Cricut Artiste. We will be demonstrating the new Cricut Artiste in our booth, so I'm busy and excited. Love the Artiste cartridge!!!

Voila! Fair starts on Friday......................