Friday, March 2, 2012

Decorated Glass Blocks

A few years ago, my daughter Kara and I bought several 8x8 glass blocks at Home Depot. We had a friend drill a small hole in the bottom to enable us to insert a string of tiny white lights into the block. We stamped 2 different Christmas scenes on 7x7 pieces of mulberry paper and adhered one to each side of the block using CTMH's liquid glass. We covered the whole piece of paper with the liquid glass, smoothed it out and then let it dry overnight. When the lights are turned on, the stamped images come alive.

We wrapped the block in wide holiday ribbon and a bow was tied at the top. We arranged it so that the block had to stand upright, as opposed to lying flat. They were really quite nice and we gave some away as gifts. We have continued to buy glass blocks every year, decorating them all differently, and giving them as gifts. During the holidays, you can purchase the blocks at Lowe's with a hole already drilled in them (you can buy them year round without the hole). I've even seen some that have a bigger opening on the bottom during the holidays. Last year they were about $9.

Today, as I was rummaging around in the storage closet, I found a couple of undecorated glass blocks and was in the mood to do something with them. We had some silk flowers and some Easter stuff (and we always have a big stash of ribbon) so I decided to use it. As usual, I  inserted a string of tiny white lights into the block, but I had to do something different than stamping on mulberry paper because I didn't have any (can you believe it?).

I wrapped wide ribbon around the edges, then I also tied the ribbon as if the block was a present and layed it flat, just decorating the top. I made an Easter themed one and a spring themed one. Here they are:

Love this glittery lady bug:

The basket can even be placed somewhere by itself without being placed on the block, but the effect of the bright tiny lights inside is really cool. I think we'll use the Easter bunny one for the buffet table for Easter dinner. Ideas are endless for decorating these glass blocks. Green lights would be great with St. Patrick's Day stuff - and orange lights with shiny black ribbon and a black witch for Halloween! My mind is going 80 miles a minute now!!!!

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