Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Those of you who know me, know that I have 2 cats. My beautiful Himalayan, Gorgeous George (Georgie) and Girlfriend (the wild one). Georgie is pretty mellow, and thinks more about his next meal or nap than anything else. And then there is little trouble maker. Girlfriend is aptly named because she is in-your-face like a BFF! She is the one who will sit atop my shoulders when I scrapbook or write and "make biscuits" on the top of my back - just like a back rub.  She likes any kind of hiding place or window - the higher up the better, and she loves to sit on your head and play with your hair ( am not kidding!) She has been known to take a swing at you when you walk by her! She'll take on big dogs and big people, and she will let you know when - and if she likes you.

They are my 2 best buds, and I bottle fed both of them. Ironically, they are just about the same age, but Girlfriend was orphaned on day one - Georgie was found in a barn on the ranch when he was about 3 weeks old.

The paper I used on these pages is from "Lucky" level 2 paper pack from Close To My Heart and so is the denim ribbon. My friend Gerriann gave me 2 pages of "cat" stickers from Cosmo Cricket (which was really nice, considering she DOESN'T have a cat!)

This post is for you Aunt Jackie!!!

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