Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frame It! (Part 2)

Last summer I painted and re-decorated Kara's kitchen. Ever since then, my grandson Matthew has been asking me if I would paint and re-do HIS room. He said he wanted it to be half dark blue (really dark blue) and half light blue (we compromised with Mom and Dad's blessing). Somewhere I have pictures of his room the way it was, but I don't have photos of them on my computer - but it was the same way it was when the nursery was decorated before his birth! Boring eggshell walls and a 5" wide border at the ceiling of Winnie The Pooh and Friends. Seriously, he had outgrown it!

Matthew is a Star Wars fanatic so we got new Star Wars sheets and bedding. I used one of the flat sheets to make curtains. Using the Cricut I cut out large letters so it spelled Star Wars and adhered them to the wall. Then I made five 12x12 pages using Star Wars paper, and put photos of friends and family.

With Nana at Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho and on a horse at the ranch:

With his cousins:

With Dad and Talon:

With Grandma and Papa, and family friend Emily:

With Mom at Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and with God brother Marcus:

In 2007, Uncle Brian took Matthew and his best friend, Mikey to the Spokane County Fair and had these photo buttons made. The boys were only 4 and so cute, I had to use the buttons somehow!

I also got a little table and blue reading lamp at Walmart ($12 and $9 respectively) to put by his bed. Matt loves to read, yet didn't have a night stand. He also likes to listen to Tchaikovsky while he's reading and to go to sleep with (wonder where he gets that from!). I also made a 12x12 picture that says Jedi Master Schmidt for the outside of his door.

I made the pages, had gotten the bedding and made the curtains in a few days time while Matt was at school, then started painting early one Friday morning when he was going straight to Grandma and Papa's for the night. I had until noon on Saturday to get the whole room painted! Leaving a 1 1/2" separating white line was the most difficult - but I did it!

I was in his room with the door closed when he came home so could photograph the look on his face when he saw it (on Kara's camera). He was so excited and happy, and said, "Oh Nana, this is just how I imagined it would be". He still keeps telling me thank you!

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