Sunday, March 11, 2012

Candle Holders

I don't know what it is about Easter, but I love to decorate for it. I have very fond recollections of Easters' past - like when I was 4 or 5 years old. I loved glitter even then, and would dress up to the hilt. I always got a new outfit for Easter and I remember my Dad and I would walk down to the orchard so he could take pictures of me before we left for church!  I also remember my mother's Easter table. It was always decorated accordingly and usually everything was handmade. She would always make a cake in the 2-part "lamb cake pan", put white 7-minute frosting on it and then smother it in coconut.

Even when my children were small I liked getting ready for Easter. I couldn't wait to finish dying and decorating eggs with them so that I could tuck them in bed and then get their baskets out, filling them with goodies. These days, I make eggs with Matthew and his friends. I love cooking Easter dinner, and I really love getting the buffet table ready! Candles and little details on the table are a must, so I've been just playing around for a day or so.

This container is full of green and white beads and a flameless candle. I put in my favorite green glitter butterfly with some silk flowers:

I filled this container with grass, glittered eggs and some glass beads and put in a flameless candle:

I glued silk ivy leaves to this glass container and then sprayed it with glitter spray - a real candle is inside this one!

Kara has some mason jars somewhere, so I'm going to go search her storage shelves. I know I can do something with them! Stay tuned!

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