Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Work - with Victory

Followers know I was sick last week. Sure takes longer to get better as you age! I am up and about, and now it's time to get back to work! No more lolligagging!

As I told my upline Shannon Smoldt, I did not like the Victory paper pack when I saw it in the catalog - nor did I plan to buy it. That is, until I saw what LaJeania Hicks and Shannon had made with it. How often do we look at a stamp set or paper pack in the catalog, and poo poo even the thought of using it until you see it in person, and see someone else's creativity in using it?? Happens to me all the time!
Here's how I placed my photos on this layout. As with any pre-made layout, you do not have to put a horizontal 4x6 photo in a horizontal 4x6 spot. I like to do overlays and adjust if need be.

The following 3 layouts were done by Shannon and LaJeania  (sorry, I don't know who did what), but they hardly look like it's from the Victory paper pack:

Keep an open mind in choosing your paper and embellishments, search all the blogs and facebook scrapbook pages you can and check in on Pinterest. Look, and you will start thinking "out of the box"! Isn't this called scrap lifting?

Shopping List:
Victory Workshop On the Go = G1035 - $29.95 (contains the Victory Paper Pack, Workshop acrylic stamp set, durable square studs, natural hemp and instructional brochure)
Victory My Stickease - X7150C - $4.95
Varsity Alphabet scrylic stamp set - E1023 - $29.95 (8 1/2 x 11)
Tough Tags - Z1692 - $5.95

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