Friday, August 17, 2012

Back With a Vengence!

Well, it's been a long 2 1/2 months, and the hospital supply man came yesterday and took the hospital bed out of Kara's living room! I am walking and going upstairs and downstairs (albeit slowly), but I'm so happy I can get into the scrapbook room. Thank you all for waiting for me to get back to posting regularly!

Here is the CTMH Display Tray down with the new Avonlea Paper Pack and accessories. No pics yet, as it is a baby present for Keith and Lisa Dunlop (thus, the "D" at the bottom. The pics will be in black and white. This tray was inspired by Lisa Stenz of CTMH!

The size of the display tray is !2x12 and has 12 evenly spaced dividers, It is made of sturdy wood, and has 2 hangers on the back for easy display.

Supply List:
Avonlea Paper Pack - X7155B - $9.95
Avonlea Canvas Complements - X7155C = $5.95
Brocade Assortment - Z1748 - $5.95
Display Tray - z1750 - $19.95
Slate Satin Ribbon - Z1802 - $4.95
Colonial White Rosette Ribbon - Z1800 - $7.95
Parlor Velvet Rub-ons - Z1742 - $4.95
White crocheted flower from the Antiqued Gold Mini Medley - Z1786
Licorice Opaque Adhesive Pearls - Z1335 - $2.95
Pearl Button Badges from the Dakota Wrangler Assortment - Z1780 - $5.95
Slate ink pad - Z2173 - $5.25

Of course, if you buy each item individually, it is costly, however, you end up having a TON of paper and accessories left over, with to use in many other projects!

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