Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who's Your Valentine?

This is a cute way of giving a little sweets to anyone of any age. I started to make some for Matthew's 4th grade class, filling the tubes with valentine-colored M&M's - then Kara told me that you can't give out loose candy anymore - you can't even make cupcakes and bring them to school to share with the kids! Boy, times have changed!

I took pictures of the ones I made, and I'll show them to you once I remember how to do it! (told you I've been away for awhile!).

You can purchase this set for $10 with an order of $35.00. It comes with 12 boxes already cut, a valentine stamp set, white, hollyhock, blush and (the new) silver glitter paper, and 12 tubes! Call m, email me or just go to "SHOP".

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